Hurricane Harvey has reminded us, once again, of the incredible power of Mother Nature. With winds of 130 mph at landfall and torrential rainfall, Harvey has decimated the Texas Gulf Coast.

Estimates of total rainfall in Houston have already reached 50 inches from the storm, more than the average annual rainfall of 40 inches. By the time Harvey dissipates, it may have dumped as much as 20 trillion (that’s Trillion with a ‘T’) gallons of water on the Lone Star State.

So Much Rain The NWS Added A Color

Harvey’s rainfall was so bad that the National Weather Service had to add a new color-lavender-to adequately map it.

The Worst and the Best

Photos and video from Texas show incredible devastation and destruction, not only from the high winds but from the severe flooding. At the same time, they also show the tremendous heroism of Emergency Personnel and ordinary Americans as they give aid, assistance and what comfort they can to their fellows. Whatever their differences, Texans have set them aside in the face of Nature’s fury. And, across America, hearts and wallets are opening to help those whose needs are so great.

The Long Road Back

Even as Harvey continues to pour water onto already-flooded areas, plans for recovery and rebuilding are already being made. FEMA and the Texas authorities had several days to prepare for Harvey, even though no one could have predicted just how much damage the storm would actually do. Between the wind and the water, thousands will have no homes to return to, and thousands more will be months repairing and rebuilding what Harvey left behind. In the meantime, rescue and relief efforts continue around the clock. The Cajun Navy, in their first action since Katrina, has mobilized their armada of small boats and Good Samaritans to aid in the rescue efforts.

Above all, the common response to Harvey’s once-in-a-lifetime devastation has been “we will rebuild”.

And When They Rebuild

No one is saying that a Weather Guard metal roof would have withstood Harvey’s wrath. As good as metal roofs are, a Category 4 storm like Harvey puts the ‘force’ in Force of Nature. What is apparent from the pictures coming out of Texas is that metal roofs, by and large, did much better against the high winds and rains than traditional asphalt shingle roofs.

Quality metal roofs from Weather Guard are designed to resist winds of up to 140 mph, resist penetrating damage from blown debris and resist torrential rains better than any asphalt shingle roof. That’s why Weather Guard roofs are guaranteed for 50 years, and that warranty is transferable to future owners of your home.

If your old roof needs replacing, consider a Weather Guard metal roof. It might not completely protect your home from storms like Harvey, but it will do a much better job than a traditional roof for years to come.

Harvey’s Victims Need Our Help

We urge you to join with us at Weather Guard in extending our prayers and support to the people of Texas during this trying time, and as they rebuild. The Salvation Army and Red Cross are just two of the organizations ready to receive your donation.

We cannot control the weather, but we can show the world what America is all about.