50-Year Warranty

We're so certain that your roof will remain impervious to the elements that we guarantee our work for a full 50 years. This promise is transferable if you sell your home, which adds to the resale value and may even help you fetch a higher asking price.We don't expect you'll need us, but we'll be here and will handle any costs associated with repairs or replacement on our own.

Improve Resale Value

Homeowners on the eastern side of the United States recoup approximately 95.5% of the cost of a metal roof when they move. Those in the rest of the country aren't far behind.Compared to a home with asphalt shingles, homeowners generate 1-6% more when a residence is resold with a metal roof.

Durability Equals Safety

As one would expect, our metal roofs stand up to rain, hail, and snow with ease. Unlike alternatives, it will also remain unscathed during a wildfire, and can withstand winds over 140 mph.This means that your home remains safer, as well as the people and belongings inside it.

Choose a complimentary style!

Your roof can look like a classic metal roof or be embellished with various style and color options to suit any architecture or style. Whether you want an industrial, cozy, stately, modern, or luxurious appeal, metal can deliver.

Easy Financing

Metal roofing is an investment, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay for it all at once. There are no money down, low payment options.You may also be able to qualify for tax credits for installing energy-efficient products, or be able to qualify for a reduced homeowner’s insurance premium because your roof is ultra-durable.

Myths of Metal Roofing

  • MYTH: A metal roof makes the house hotter in the summer.
    BUSTED: Metal roofs actually reflect the sun’s heat, which helps keep the interior cooler. According to the Solar-Energy Center, aluminum roofs reduce attic heat-gain by up to 34% during summer months.
  • MYTH: A metal roof is noisier than a shingle roof.
    BUSTED: Metal roofs are often installed over asphalt roofs, which aids in noise-reduction. However, when solid sheathing is installed as well, metal roofs are generally quieter- even during rain and hail storms.
  • MYTH: Metal roofs attract lightning.
    BUSTED: Although metal roofs can conduct electricity, they don’t attract lightning. In fact, because they are not combustible, they’re often a safer choice than materials like wood.
  • MYTH: Metal roofing rust easily.
    BUSTED: Steel roofing systems generally receive an anti-rust coating at the factory that contains zinc or a mixture of aluminum and zinc. After this, they also receive several coats of paint, which looks great and provides further protection from the elements.
  • MYTH: Metal roofs affect cell phone reception.
    BUSTED: In all likelihood, you've been using your cell phone in stores and offices that have metal roofs already. Phone service issues vary by carrier and change depending on how remote your area is.
  • MYTH: Metal roofing systems are way more expensive.
    BUSTED: The up-front cost is more for a metal roofing system, but the cost-difference versus asphalt shingles diminishes over time. This is because a metal roof does not need maintenance, repairs, or replacement for 50 years. Energy-efficiency saves on utility bills, plus you may be able to take advantage of tax credits and lower insurance premiums to save even more cash.