3 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer is coming, and before it gets too unbearably hot, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home. During the summer, days are longer and the sun bears down on our homes much longer. Heat and humidity affect both our house and bodies, and if you’re not prepared, you’ll find yourself [...]

Metal Roofing in Hurricanes

Hurricane Harvey has reminded us, once again, of the incredible power of Mother Nature. With winds of 130 mph at landfall and torrential rainfall, Harvey has decimated the Texas Gulf Coast. Estimates of total rainfall in Houston have already reached 50 inches from the storm, more than the average annual rainfall of 40 inches. By [...]

Sneaky Signs of Water Damage You Might Be Overlooking

You'd think it'd be easy to notice a water leak - we tend to think of bursting pipes allowing tidal waves of water to flood the building, but the reality isn't usually as extreme as what you see in the movies. Most leaks in our home aren't really noticeable, instead of staying hidden in the walls [...]