Showcase of Homes Discount Just Extended!

Customers who sign up to participate in Weather Guard's Showcase of Homes get a 33% discount off their new metal roofing system! We’re looking for homes to add to our portfolio to display to new customers and businesses. Show off your metal roof remodel with us and we'll take off a third of the cost [...]

The Rise in Solar-Equipped Homes Increases Demand for Metal Roofing

With California’s new law requiring all future homes to be equipped with solar power, we are going to see a shift in the construction industry as the materials and methods used to build homes become more aimed at supporting solar power systems. As this shift occurs, the quality and durability of the roofing materials used [...]

Metal Roofing in Hurricanes

Hurricane Harvey has reminded us, once again, of the incredible power of Mother Nature. With winds of 130 mph at landfall and torrential rainfall, Harvey has decimated the Texas Gulf Coast. Estimates of total rainfall in Houston have already reached 50 inches from the storm, more than the average annual rainfall of 40 inches. By [...]