Is It Time to Replace Your Metal Roof?

Even though metal roofs are one of the longest lasting roofing materials, they still need to be replaced sometimes. Don’t wait for a leaky roof before you call an inspector -- look for these signs that your roof has reached replacement time: If the shingles on the edge start to curl or look like their [...]

Don’t Let Wildfires Spread to Your Home

Using fire-resistant building materials during home renovations and re-roofing can help defend your home against wildfires. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that homes with wood or asphalt shingles that are in fire-prone areas (especially in the western United States), switch to a fire-resistant building material like metal. Metal roofing has a fire rating of [...]

Metal Roof Myth-Busting

There aren't many style and color options for metal roofs Metal can be designed to mimic the look of shingles, slate, clay, or stay true to its natural look. Also, metal comes in more color options than any other roofing material. Metal isn't as energy efficient as asphalt and will make my house hotter in [...]