Your home is your greatest investment. Protect it for a Lifetime!

If you’re like most people in Alabama, your home is the greatest investment you’ll ever make. Moreover, it’s where the people and things most-precious to you reside. Our metal roofing systems are guaranteed to withstand rain, snow, hail, fire, and Gulf Coast winds, so you can rest easy, knowing the things you care for are protected.

Weather Guard metal roofs are guaranteed to provide you with 50 years of maintenance-free fortification, but we don’t stop there. Should you decide to sell your home, the warranty is transferable to the new homeowner, providing you with even more value.

Lifetime Guarantee | 50 Year Transferible Warranty
50 Year
50 Year Coverage
We don’t just guarantee our metal roofs- we warranty them for life. That means whether you need help in 10 years, or the next homeowner needs help in 49 years, Weather Guard will be there to honor the commitment we made on day-one.
Stronger than ever
We promise that your metal roof won’t wear out. It won’t chip, crack, peel, flake, blister, or burn. It will hold strong for at least 50 years, protecting your home and your family, guaranteed.
No Repair Fee
We’re so certain that our metal roofing systems will stand the test of time, that we promise to handle any necessary repairs, including parts and labor, at our own expense, for the duration of your warranty.